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© Copyright Simone Krautter

The balance that you are.

You are whole. Sometimes we forget that we are. We get caught up in the stress & in the life of others. Diseases may take over our body and we simply feel incomplete, sick, exhausted from life or simply not like us anymore. Maybe it's one area of your life - like work, health or the same problems/patterns with family/friends/partners. And there is something in you - a deep inner knowing that is ready for that change and that is already aware that it can change. Trust that magical intuitive voice within you and follow it along. I welcome you there. Ready to walk side by side with you, while you are embracing your life again and take the initiative for long-lasting change from deep within.

I am specialized in deep body re-connection and finding your own frequency again. I once was fighting within myself a lot of battles: had various auto-immune diseases and encountered a loft of deep life transformations/transitions. The beauty of it all, I know how the battle and how the peace feels within. Throughout all the changes, it was the best present to know I don't have to walk the path alone. People can walk with me. Sometimes for a short amount of time, sometimes for years to come. How good it felt to walk with others on this path, witnessing each other changing, evolving, and embracing all of what we are. I was able to witness so many people and businesses going from struggle back to balance. Finding their core and expressing it freely. I like to invite you to walk with me. I will be walking with you, supporting you with your business ideas, body alignments, family/friends/partner constellations and your overall balance of life in this multiverse. 

I invite you to connect with life itself again to embrace it with all of your senses: with the elements of nature, the frequency art, sound healing, some "weird" sounding languages that I speak or sing and a lot of geometric shapes or the most magic key: the pure presence itself and listening and supporting you along side as a coach & consultant. It is time to embrace your uniqueness, your health, your love, your wholeness that you are and co-create with others again in a completely new way. 

How to work with me

Thank you for considering co-creating with me. I am looking forward to see what we can discover together through one of the following session formats or individual containers. Please find my current offerings & events below or contact me directly. I had already beautiful ideas coming in like: personalized tattoos, studio places(wall art), new business ideas, apps & startups and much more. So feel free to express what your are looking for and write me an email:

Simone Krautter

1:1 "Haelen" Session (old english term, meaning wholeness)

Reconnecting to your own inner heartbeat, rhythm, structure or blueprint. These deep sessions, may include sound healing, toning, touch, questions/guidance, symbols, constellations and energy work. Depending on your needs, you might lay down and receive the remembrance for your own structure for your body to align or actively co-create with me in a constellation work.  This is a place just for yourself. Bring all of you. I got you. 

Price: 155,00€  / 45min. inkl. 19% MwST. 

12 Chakras Sessions - Package

You feel like you are picking up a lot from others? You are very open, highly sensitive? You would like to stabilize your own system and grid within yourself? I painted 12 symbols for the main chakras and additional paintings to support them along: from expressing your own personal needs, to stabilizing your physical, emotional and mental body. This special package of paintings was life changing for me and I know it can support so many of you. Every body is different, please reach out to me, so we can see how many sessions your body would like to receive. Some do 1-3 chakras in a session, because they have done a lot of work in those before. Some do one chakra in a session and want integration time for each one. Every timing is absolut valid, and perfect for you and your process. We can adjust accordingly with the sessions within this container of amazing stabilization of love. 

Price per Session: 224,00€  inkl. 19% MwST.

Amount of Sessions needed: Variable. Please book a call. 

Individual training & coaching

You would like to be able to connect with yourself deeper? Connecting the dots you already created? You would like someone who walks with you along side your life transformation right now? This is a container for you. We have a 30min. Free Discovery Call, to explore together what next steps come for you. The form and space will be uniquely created for you. As an initiator, I help you remember. Would you like to take the next step? I am here. Softly opening, door by door. Short term or long term - whatever our souls would like to co-create. I won't teach you what I do, but I will support you in your own paths - and you will see that's the magic in it all. "Being all of you"- may that be in business, learning energetic alignments within yourself, or stabilizing yourself again within your body, mind & soul. 

Price: Defined accordingly to package/training/activation impulse.

Co-creation, workshops, retreats

Would you like to co-create? As a facilitator, I like to co-create with you - retreats, workshops, team building events, creating physical places with art/installations. Or maybe you have a product you would like to merge with the frequency art? Reach out to me. No idea is too far. Let's explore creation together. 

The Frequency Art 

Frequency Art Simone Krautter
© Copyright Simone Krautter

These paintings come from this beautiful space called home, the wholeness that we all are. Supporting us in our process to reconnect, balance and explore all that we are. Some of them I work with in 1:1 session, group workshops and some are able to be purchased. If you feel called to one of the paintings please reach out to me. 

How to interact with them?
Meditate with them. Sit, dance, put music on and lay in the field with them. They are so individual and believe me - they will speak to you. You will intuitively know what feels aligned with you.  Sometimes they answer, sometimes they just give us a feeling of a warm hug, sometimes they are pleasant to look at. Wherever you are at. That's exactly perfect as it is. 

Where to look at them?

In Munich and at every workshop I hold and wherever we travel. I am also open to co-operate on art exhibitions/events/office spaces.

How to purchase one?

You will know exactly which one is for you. If you feel called to a couple of paintings, I invite you to dive into the group workshops, personal sessions or events I offer. If you are really called to one specific one, it will feel different. The alignment within you feels like "coming home". That's also where we align on the price and further instructions for your journey with the painting. I am excited to find these beautiful paintings their co-creation home next to you. 

If you are ready to receive a high frequency activation, and the art is not for sale (at the moment/long-term). 
Reach out to me if you would like to book a personal session online/offline with a painting. This is a high activation code where integration time is needed afterwards. Please consider the time to integrate afterwards, while booking your appointment. This is a very transformative process & initiates new doors for you.
Check the events for upcoming Frequency Art Code Group Sessions & prices.

I feel called to a personalized frequency to balance my room/home, as my work toolkit, for the office,..

If you have a feeling, that a painting would help you on your walls, as a toolkit to clean spaces, or in any other creative ways, please reach out to me and I will see what comes through in the field for you, your home, your work, your colleagues/family/friends... Price: Dependent on the request. Please schedule a free 30min. discovery call with me.

Retreats, workshops, team events, festivals,.. Book me as a facilitator

A workshop session with initiating Frequency Art Code for a private group, retreats, festivals, company events or more can be booked. (min. 8 people)
Request your special offer. (travel expenses are additional)

Frequency Wall Art Rebalance
© Copyright Simone Krautter
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