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Life is an experience and what an experience it was so far. I studied Experience Design/Digital Design & Art in many forms, worked with the biggest industries and clients in Europe & Australia. From enhancing the health care sector, theme parks up to the automotive industries, websites, apps, or IoT devices - I always had an eye for the bigger picture and the overall experience between the users, the business and the product itself. 


I love to create concepts & products from a holistic point of view. In my world, everything is connected with each others the internal: projects, team, company structure and the external: business, marketing, strategy, users. 

We will look into the connection between in all. All systems the internal and external are connected with each other. That goes also for your business if your are self employed and are starting with your company by yourself. Your private life and business life are linked and influence each other. So let's integrate together the balance and natural steady growth you are looking for. Let's create lightness, ease and joy together. On all levels. I welcome you to take the next leap , to balance and grow your business, projects, products and offerings. 

Ready to develop some amazing products?  Ready for the next step?

Send me an email with your request: consulting 1:1 containers, company consulting, projects lead, feelgood manager, team/company energy field clearings, team workshops and much more. 

I am looking forward to work with you

Share your vision with me and let's see how we can work/be and co-create together.
No vision is too big - no idea too small.

Let's create something new, initiate your business to your next level, found that space of co-creation between you, your clients and colleagues. Let's co-create harmonized places from exhibitions, office spaces, festivals, your own website, or whatever products you feel called to co-create and have a creative, holistic business consultant next to you . I am happy to support your vision with my 12+ years business experience.

Are you ready to create new paths to sail and establish a safe harbour for your existing company/clients?

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